Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cold and Washed Out

I took these photos in Ansonia the weekend before last. It was a bright, overcast, frigid day. I had lunch at the Whistle Stop for my birthday with two of my favorite people, and then we spent the afternoon driving around and taking pictures. Perfect day really, except for the cold. Perhaps that is behind us now with summer upon us before spring has even arrived? Well, I'm being optimistic anyway..  :)

Friday, March 9, 2012

Old Ford

So, this is what happens when you stumble upon a really cool photo op after you've had one too many birthday drinks. :)  This old Ford was a beauty, but I failed to capture it in its entirety. It is what it is... Maybe this will have to be one that I revisit on a warmer day with a clearer mind. 

Polaroid Automatic 100 Land Camera

These photos are some of the the first photos I took with my Polaroid Automatic 100 Land Camera.  I absolutely love this camera!  I have to admit though, it has brought on some challenges.  I am learning how to focus, frame, and shoot in an entirely different way.  And I must say that I have a new appreciation for the photographers of my parents/grandparents generation.  Getting a good picture back in the day required skills that are unheard of these days.  :)