Friday, April 15, 2011

Modern Impressionism


Dew Drops

Yes, the pictures are a bit blurred.  This was intentional.  These specific photographs are some of the many I took for an online class discussion.  Specifically, the object of the assignment was to incorporate the philosophy of an art style that we were studying at the time; realism or impressionism and convey it through a medium of our choice. I chose impressionism and decided to snap some pictures of what I thought would classify as modern impressionism. In the end, it was difficult to choose just one; therefore, I opted for two. 
The top photograph titled “Tails” displays impressionism through the use of a soft focus and an unconventional positioning of forms in the frame. I intentionally centered the bird (Florence) vertically but positioned her in the left of the frame horizontally in order to squeeze in my daughter’s larger head… and tail (pony tail). Overall, I tried to maintain asymmetrical balance and unity while giving the composition some suggestive flare.
The bottom photograph titled “Dew Drops” depicts an awkward landscape with a soft focus in the background, giving emphasis to a piece of tree bark laying jagged in the bottom of the frame. (If you look closely, you will see individual drops of dew on each blade of grass and a barn in the top left corner.) This piece displays impressionism through the abundant soft focus apparent in the background and the casual, slightly twisted frame.. (Somehow it still maintains a corky yet informal balance.) I like this photo because it is a close-up photo, and this is the type of photography that I really enjoy capturing and working with. These types of shots allow the photographer to display detail that is all too often overlooked.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

I love these looks..

Dearest Friend

Sweet Niece

Little Brother

Darling Girl

Handsome Hubs